How to earn money by email sending

Hello everyone welcome to my other post. I hope you all good and save. Keep start learning with us and start earning after completing learning process. Learn at least one skill and provide this service on fiver and earn money without any investment. In this post I will share with you a basic skill which not require education or experience you can earn with out any education and experience. This work is email sending work this is popular on fiver and you must learn it complete and practice it before starting. Send email manually this keyword has so importance and many people already provide this service and earn handsome amount.
Important steps for email sending work:
Send email direct to inbox
Don’t add any other thing
Must check email list

Many people give this service on fiver but not gain success because they are doing some mistakes and the mistakes is that they can’t provide the service according to the buyer requirements and as a result they don’t got rating and popularity.
Send email direct to inbox:
When you start working in this service so must keep in mind this thing that your message is directly goes to receiver inbox not goes to spam folder. Every buyer who give you order he must require you to send email one by one and all directly goes to inbox.
Don’t add any other thing:
Add only those things which are provide by the buyer and don’t add any thing from your side. If buyer require to add any thing so add it because it require otherwise nothing.
Must check email list:
When buyer give you required things so you must check all email in which you send email because if you not check some of emails are with virus and some emails address are bulk and not verified so check email and sending content before accepting order.
In the last I say again that this is so easy service and you can start it from your first day. If you not understand anything so ask me in comment box or search on youtube about this work.

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