What is website SEO and how we can rank posts

how to rank posts

Hello friends welcome all, we always try to provide the accurate information to our visitors so provide unique and accurate information in different topics on online earning and also blogging. SEO play’s key role in blogging because the blog earning depend on SEO if website is SEO optimize so generate more traffic and if not then the traffic not come and the revenue is not increase. Many people try to improve SEO condition in website and work day and night for improvement and in the end their post ranked because they work on SEO.
Important tips for blog ranking and SEO:
Informative and unique content
Use copy right free images
Correct all
grammar and spelling mistakes
Install SEO plugin

I try to write basic and important tips for Website SEO and provide information about SEO in different fields also.
Informative and unique content:
Write always authentic and accurate information in your blog and never doing any thing which against google term and condition. For example not advertise any illegal network not support any terrorist activity and not upload any porn material. All these things are not according to the google rules and regulation and Google Ad Sense does not approve any site which upload this type of content. The second thing is unique content it mean always write content your own not copy any other content in that case you can’t rank and not got approved from Ad sense.
Use copy right free images:
After writing content now you need to add the images for ranking and best quality. So in that case you need to create and edit image your self or download image from pixabay or pixels websites. Don’t use image from google or any other web it may be dangerous for you.
Correct all grammar and spelling mistakes:
Before publishing post must check all spelling mistakes and also grammar mistakes correct also mistakes and edit text high light head lines and important points giving the bold and italic impression. It may be good for your SEO and also for your website.
Install SEO plugin:
Install any SEO plugin for doing post SEO and post ranking in word press only one SEO plugin is install so must check before use any SEO plugin. Before publishing post must check must select post category,add tags,give title or slug and also add meta description.

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