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Hello friends welcome to my another video I hope you all well and save. I share information about online earning and online earning without investment. If you want to learn any skill or earn money so read our posts and you will be able to earn money after reading all posts because we always provide the accurate and working online earning method which are not be fake or wrong.

In this post we will discuss some of the important features of YouTube. It include how to YouTube works and how rank video in it and what is the minimum withdraw limit in YouTube after monetization.
How to YouTube work:
YouTube is also one of the best earning source in 2020. Many people learn YouTube and then start creating videos after some time they are too famous in their field and earn money more then their expectations.

When any one create channel in YouTube so he need to setup channel basic setting and then customize it after this he need to make videos in the topic in which the channel is created. Must select attractive and popular topic which people shows interest. After creating videos you need to publish it and share your video link to all Social media platforms like Facebook your blog and all other in which you have audience.

The requirement of YouTube for monetization is 1000 subscribers and 4k watch time hours. After completing this requirement you need to submit application for monetization. Your channel takes up to 4 months for monetization. When the monetization is on your then your earning is start.
How to rank videos:
First of all you select topic and channel category according to your interest because if you start channel in that field in which you not expert you you can’t give the informative content so must keep in mind that thing.

When create video must check it unique and not copy of any other video. While uploading you need to write big description and provide all information about your gig and also add tags in tags section it must be more then 10.
Minimum YouTube withdraw:
When your channel is monetized then your big thing is your first earning and you desperately wait for that day when your withdraw and cash your first YouTube earning. The minimum limit of withdrawal is 100 USD. If any one complete this you he can withdraw this money

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