Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin apk download

Time to throw the knife!

Do you like action and spy movies? Do you like to beat your opponents silently? Then challenge yourself into an epic and successful 3D game! Here you have to prove that you are the best and most accurate spy! Once you ambush, you are attacked by a large group of enemies, and you will have many knives!
Throw knives at your target, destroy them one by one and kill them all to stay alive!

The game has interactive elements. If you don’t like to defeat the enemies one by one and slowly, you can throw a knife at the broken cannon and knock down the enemy army! Also, scattered in different boxes everywhere – slow them down to break your enemies!

Also, you will lead the hostages to victory! Save everyone and go through the helicopter, become the ultimate hero!

Remember, there are many enemies, all different sizes, and they will not humbly attack alone, they attack at once! Each of them is equipped with a baseball bat or a large spread! But that’s not a problem for you, is it? This will probably scare the best secret agent !!

Game features:

– Action-packed games
– Beautiful 3D graphics
– Hard work that requires precision and preparation.
– Perfect control
– Simple interface


Hit Master 3D is a completely free game! So what are you waiting for the world needs you, Agent! Download it now and start your adventure!

Mr Sajid

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